Monday, July 20, 2009

Spa Review : Fish spa

Fish Spa For decades, people seeking alternative methods of healing have made pilgrimages to Eastern Europe countries such as Turkey, Syria, Jordan to name a few, to experience the Dr Fish therapy at the hot spring spas resorts. These fish’s unique dietary habits were first discovered in the waters of a hot spring near Kangal, Turkey. Garra Rufa or "Doctor Fish," objective is, allowing guests to experience natural exfoliation of the feet to produce healthy, glowing skin and healing them from even the most crusty or diseased epidermis. Kenko customers can now experience various Dr Fish species exfoliation treatments.

The Benefits
Natural exfoliation of dead skin
– Smoother and healthy glowing skin with easy moisturizer absorption
Promote blood circulation – Micro massage sensation from these ‘little masseurs’

Lightening of minor scars
Easing of psoriasis and minor eczema
Release stress and tension – Ticklish sensation causing perpetual laughter! The Water in the Fish Spa treatment sinks is changed daily and the water istreated with 2000W Ultra Violet Sterilization – To kill virus and bacteria in water. The temperature is controlled at approximately 30C
The treatments available at Kenko, Reflexology and Fish Spa start at Rs.350/- for a shoulder massage for 20 minutes. Half an hour of the fish spa for new sensations and "baby soft", will cost you Rs.475; foot reflexology for half an hour is Rs. 500. A head to toe massage will cost you Rs.1500/- for an hour.
Signature therapies that don't cost the eart and offer you more in terms of wellness and experience, all at the Kenko, Reflexology and Fish Spa.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Fish turn into beauty experts at Chennai salon

Chennai, Aug 21 (ANI): After gaining popularity in China, Japan and other countries, fish pedicure has emerged as a new age beauty treatment for tired souls in Chennai.

Moving around in a tub of warm water, numerous small fish nibble at dead skin, leaving hands and feet shiny and smooth.

Deviating from the usual, a fish pedicure or manicure offers a unique ticklish and lively experience to those who indulge in it.

NIBBLE, NIBBLE It’s the fish at work on your feet

"A pedicure is not a very enjoyable experience, the normal pedicure. We wanted to make it much more enjoyable and fun loving for people. We thought that when they come here. They should enjoy and have a good experience. We wanted to give them a lively experience and through fish pedicure we have been able to give them that," said Rahim, Director, Naturals Salon and Spa.

The idea behind the fish spa was to find a replacement for scrubbers used for pedicures and manicures. A fish called 'Garra Rufa' or 'Doctor Fish' is used for these beauty treatments.

These fish nibble away at the dead skin on the hands and feet as the hot water in which they thrive doesn't support much plant or aquatic life, so they learned to feed on whatever food sources were available, including dead, flaking skin and this is what gave the idea to start this unique beauty treatment.

They leave live skin alone because, without teeth, they can't bite it off.

Fish pedicure and manicure has already created quite a stir in the city with hordes of people coming in to try them out.

For the first timers, the experience might have been a little scary, but they come out all full of praise after letting the 'Garra Rufa' nibble away at their feet and hands.

"Initially, it's a bit scary. It's a very nice feeling. Before I used to keep coming for the normal pedicure and manicure, now I keep coming for this because it's different. It's like entertainment when you see those fishes doing it," said Ankeera, a customer.

The fish don't do the job alone. After 15 to 30 minutes in the tank, customers get a standard pedicure, made easier by the soft skin the doctor fish leave behind.

Fish therapy or fish pedicure originated in Turkey where these fish were first used to provide temporary relief to patients affected with psoriasis. By Jai Kumar (ANI)

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